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*A note about this site*

I built this site to serve as my own personal home page, but you are welcome to use it if you want.Ifyou would like to do so go to your tools andsetthis as you home page. I got sick of the left slanted news out of yahoo, msn,and the rest. This site is dedicated to all things that piss off liberals. This site uses web widgets there for it has scripts like flash and java, that is why you got the active x (IE), or scripts (FIREFOX)warning. To the side are links to my sites and sites I frequent, if you know of a site that would be a good addition to this list let me know. Buy the way, if you are aliberal this site will piss you off, don’t complain to me as I don’t care! I will not even read you e-mails I will just delete them. Thissite is Rush Limbaughapproved, that is if he knew it existed. This site is not a Republican site, it is not dedicated to helping to elect Republicans. It is however a Conservative site dedicated to the election of Conservatives, (or rinos when they are the lesser of two evils) and finally thank you to the US Armed Forces without whom I could not get away with this.

Feel free to grab any widgets you like, and feel free to donate to this project. If you would like to advertise on this page click here. There is no big money lefties behind this, just out of my own pocket.




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One final though for all who are reading this, This is Ayn Rand Ayn Rand. This is one of the books she wrote this book atlas shrugged.

This is the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Neal Peart neal peart, he is the drummer and writes the lyrics for the group Rush.

He was inspired by Ayn Rand to writ many of the Rush songs including this one rush2112. What do they have in common? Both the song and the book point out the path we are on. Learn from them or be doomed to live it!